Friday, August 13, 2010

There's a bright side!

Melanie just learned how to pull plugs out of the wall. This quickly became one of her favorite things to do. When I set her down, she would immediately go for the perimeter of the room and start pulling out anything she could get her hands on. I do my best to keep her away from them, but every once in a while she's a little too quick for me.

Well, yesterday I was folding some laundry and Melanie discovered an appliance plugged into the wall that she had never pulled out before - the carbon monoxide detector. It's pretty chunky, and I was honestly surprised that she was even able to pull it out of the wall, but sure enough, she did - and it let out a high pitched incessant squeal. It scared Melanie to death. I hurried and plugged it back into the wall, but it was too late and she was officially spooked for the next few minutes. The bright side of the story - she hasn't pulled any plugs out of the wall since.

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